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Architectural Visualization and Modeling Services

At Treedee, we take great pride in our close to 20 years of experience in the field, providing high-quality BIM, architectural visualization and training services to meet your individual needs.

We have established expertise in the following tools: Autodesk AEC Collection, Vray Next For Revit, Adobe Photoshop, Enscape, Twinmotion, Unreal, Autodesk Fusion 360, and Dynamo. Here’s what we deliver:

BIM-suunnittelu, BIM-mallinnus, Treedee Oy


Easy-to-use, first-rate BIM (Building Information Modeling) content tailored to each individual project.

At the core of our expertise is extensive experience in Autodesk Revit, which enables us to create efficient and accurate content for manufacturers and designers alike.


Realistic, lively 3D visualizations for architecture and interior design, to help you get a feel of the space well before the building stage.

Experience the premises, the house or the venue in accurate dimensions: on-screen or through virtual reality.

BIM-koulutus, Autodesk koulutus, Revit koulutus, Treedee Oy


Customized, in-depth training sessions in Building Information Modeling with Revit, VR, and traditional rendering software.

We train individuals and organizations in the efficient and creative use of these tools, fully remotely – from anywhere in the world.

BIM konsultointi, Treedee Oy


Insightful expertise and consultation for BIM modeling and visualization, to help you reach the best results and solutions.

Available remotely and worldwide, for all skill levels from amateurs to professionals.


Molok Oy

Molok Oy

Molok Oy wanted to make the work of architects and structural designers easier by renewing all its BIM objects at once. The objects were updated with different operators and Mika Leinonen from Treedee, took over producing Revit objects.

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Puu Paremmaksi

Puu Paremmaksi

Treedee’s Mika Leinonen designed VR models of a modular space and a house as part of the Finnish Puu Paremmaksi (“Making Wood Better”), a project that aimed to contribute to low-carbon construction as well as wood construction, with an additional goal to accelerate the ongoing digitalization in the construction industry. 

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“Treedee’s visualizations have excellently met our expectations and needs – moreover, their BIM support has been indispensable!”

Ar. Juho Kietäväinen
CEO of Rakennus Lux Oy

It has been a pleasure to support sustainable, high-quality construction through our work with Rakennus Lux, in both visualization and BIM. 

We offer versatile services, according to your needs. Contact us and tell us about your project, and let us help you.

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