Training & Consulting

At Treedee we train professionals to use BIM-software efficiently and creatively. We believe in maintaining our own skills at the highest possible level, so that we may impart key knowledge on using that software effectively to fellow professionals. This means continuous learning and development, for your benefit. We encourage our clients to apply these software tools beyond their normal means, intentions and limitations; like using a railing tool to make floor and roof lists.

While our most demanded training focuses on Revit, we also help clients to visualise their BIM models with VR and traditional rendering softwares like Vray and Photoshop.

Typically our training consists of 1 to 2 day sessions. Extended, customized sessions can be organized for your individual needs. Treedee also assists universities in teaching professionals-to-be to use BIM and visualization tools. Because our clients are found globally, our training is carried out in person and remotely.

The contents of all of our courses are fully customized to our client needs.

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