3D visualization & Virtual Reality

Treedee’s visualizations of buildings and interiors allows our clients projects to be brought to life. Whether its homes, venues, business premises, Treedee’s visualizations allow you to see it before the project has even begun. We also produce pictures for marketing and allow you to walk within the spaces in virtual reality. 

Our long history in both architectural and interior design enables us to provide the highest quality models, on time and specific to your needs. We are also able to work with clients’ ready-made models, and go the extra step beyond to make sure visuals appear as realistic as possible. At Treedee the visualizations we produce take inspiration from photographs, to mimic the texture and look of the material in real life.

Applying up-to-date design technologies, Treedee is able to provide and present visualization in virtual reality. Further, we are able to allow the user to customize the models within virtual reality, allowing you to see changes to colours and textures in the model in real time.

Our design philosophy is to create lasting, sustainable designs by combining reliable experience and the courage to try something new. We are keen and willing to bring natural elements like wood as far as possible within the design and create exciting fusions by combining the design styles from traditional and modern cultures.

Our toolkit consists of the following software: Autodesk AEC Collection, Vray Next For Revit, Adobe Photoshop, Enscape, Twinmotion, Unreal, Autodesk Fusion 360, Dynamo. 



CASE: Puu Paremmaksi -project

Designing a Modular space for Puu Paremmaksi- project

Within the interactive VR model, users can make live changes to the material and see changes to their future home in real time.

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